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Sunday, June 19, 2011

its only rock n roll but i like it

PLUG IN BABY - remember the band. it might be the only existing yet non-existing band in the history of bands.

the name is shamelessly taken from a Muse song of the same name. so remember the name.

the members comprise of yours truly, c. vankhuma (guitars), brothers amaria (bass) and zopuia (drums). who is the frontman? still not sure. i am primary lyricist cum rhythm guitarist and was supposed to be the vocalist till i realized i could not sing. but who cares? its rock n roll baby! we are in the never-ending process of recording an album which will be the best album in the history of albums by mizos producing albums. guaranteed. even if it never sees the light of day it will still be the best uncompleted album in the history of uncompleted mizo albums.

genre: rock/pop/alternative/whatever. A mix of Muse, U2, Switchfoot, Fall Out Boy, Incubus, Collective Soul, Green Day, Fuel, etc.

Track list includes songs like Animal, Shotgun Lullaby, Make Believe, The B-Side Story, Kamikaze, Run Delilah Run, Half Alive and more.

P.S Writing pop songs is HARD! especially when you want to challenge yourself. the lyrics has to fit the melody, has to sound nice to the ears, has to have appeal without being too cheesy, has to be intellectual without being too obscure. the right mix is what we're aiming to achieve.



  1. Hiya...Welcome back lol...I have no clue as to what this music thing is about but i cheer you on! Nike, yeah!

  2. woohoo, after such a build-up, I hope you can deliver :D Muse-fuel-incubus inspired sounds good. With Amaria there, I thought you'd get all screamo but you guys might be actually listenable :p. A band without a frontman? Where have I heard that before? Ah, yes, Inxs. How about a new reality show- Rock Star Plug-in Baby? Hah, sounds very electric. Rock on, oh ye gods of uncomplete rock

  3. thank ye ladies!! seems we are gonna get different vocalists to do different songs

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